Friday, September 26, 2008

Just cruisin"

One of the things Tom and I like to do is go on a cruise. We have been to the eastern Caribbean, western, central America and some points in between at least 5, if I count right. We have a ritual on Captains night, when we are in full formal attire, to get our photograph taken. Now, this isn't just any photograph, the background has to be the Titanic staircase!! You see when I met Tom, I was a grieving widow. Part of my getting out of the house was belonging to a group of ladies that called themselves "The Old Hags Club". The movie "Titanic" was in full force then and we made a pledge that we would not date anyone that had not seen the movie. After my date with Tom, (he invited me to his house for dinner) I called the gals. This is what I told them. "We had a great dinner and in the background the theme music from "Titanic" was playing. I asked him if he had seen the movie and did he cry and the answer was yes!!". Needless to say, he made a big score with the girls and it wasn't long before I decided to ditch the widows weeds as he was definitely a keeper!! Hey, we also dress up for Halloween too!!


Pikes Pickles said...

Wasn't prepared for the last picture. Love you guys

Miss Hope said...

Love the cruise pictures. I keep promising myself that one day I'll get to go on a cruise and get all dressed up and take a beautiful picture like this. My best friend goes on a cruise each year (so jealous!) and she always comes back with pictures where she looks like a goddess.

I wasn't a widow, but I found happiness the second time around. Blessings are good things, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!I have never been on a cruise. Afraid I would be sea sick!
If I remember right, you always liked dressing up for Halloween.
Remember Head Start Haloween party?
Wern't you a cleaning lady or something?
How about Halloween in our small town? A lot happened in the square!

Mema said...

Nanna, Yea, there were always an out house or two and farmers machinery. Everyone had to come collect their junk if it didn't get set on fire. Yea, I was the cleaning lady complete with the mop bucket. I married a man who just loves Halloween and we have the third generation of kids come to the house trick or treating. Many kids call it the haunted house!
Miss Hope there is nothing like it. The food is fantastic and you get to see many countries in a short time. We even thought there were a few we might like to book a vacation to sometime. Jamaica is one we prefer not to go back to even though our daughter was married there. Thanks for stopping in Miss gave me hope!!

Della Hill said...

Great pics.
I am so glad you are finding happiness -and FUN- with someone special.