Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Healing on the inside

Sometimes healing comes from the outside in. For the past two mornings as I pulled the shade on the front, it was if I had opened a stage curtain. The view was very special to me and gave me a boost for the day. I haven't been able to do much yet, walk some, sit some (doctors orders-not more than a half hour at a time) and lay down. As I lay down I could still see out the front window and for hours the morning glories lived up to their name. I pondered and the verse came to mind from the Bible about "consider the lilies". So, I consider the Glories!! Thus, I am healing from the outside in as well as inside out. So, I share with you my view, from the inside out and outside in! Outside my window and inside me.
Good Morning


Pikes Pickles said...

Mom- The flowers look beautiful! I am so glad that you are finally well enough to see the beauty in the world around ....instead of complaining when I call (HAHA, just teasing, I LOVE YOU!)

Anonymous said...

Wilma, So glad you are healing.
Make sure you follow the doctors orders and take it easy.
The flowers are Beautiful!
I need to take some pictures of ours,keep forgetting.
Love, Nanna

Mema said...

Hi to both my fans!!! Wish more woukd leave their comments or even read memasmoments. But you two are loyal and that's the best. Quality vs quantity.
Love ya,