Monday, September 1, 2008

Last minute items

It seems this time of year waits for no man or woman. The black berries are ready and the pear tree is loaded..I'm pondering what in the world am I going to do? I think I have the black berries all done (3 gallon bags full) and the pears..darn will be ripening in the next few weeks. I hope my hubby can help with the paring and then bringing them to a boil in sugar water to freeze. Yep, better than canning as they are still firm after freezing.
Anyhow, if I do not update soon, I will be thinking about what I am to post next and giving directions to Mr. G on how to manage the house, cats, cat box and the phone. I don't think I will have him manage the blog, just yet. So, here's a few photos of the berries I froze on trays and then put in the plastic zip lock freezer bags and the LOADED pear tree.
I also included a photo of Simon and Schooster looking out the window at me, our garden angel, and our wedding glads. Believe it or not, they are perennials. You do not have to take up in the fall. We gave each guest at our wedding a pair with a cute little poem. We had some left over and every year they remind us of the day we said I do!!


Pikes Pickles said...

I love you. Ill give you a call tomorrow.Good night . Get some sleep.

Mema said...

Thanks. And thanks for the tutoring. I'll be a pro, soon?
Love ya,
PS. I be okay!!