Friday, October 3, 2008

We're Expecting!!

Grandpa's trains
The Lochridge Family-unseen baby Kate
The Pike Family-kids are much older now & Gabriella's missing
Gabriella Grace-alittle over 1 wk old at Christmas

Yep, number 7 is due any day. We will be heading for Connecticut perhaps this week end. Baby Kate was not supposed to come until October 17th but, she will decide and she's getting mighty ready from the last report. So, Liam's baby sister will be a welcomed joy as is Liam. Gosh, I just wish we could all get together for Christmas here one year. We did a summer vacation year before last and had such a good time. But, I long for the kids to come back home for the holidays. My dream will come true, maybe in a few years and grandpa's Lionel will toot it's way under the tree for over 50 years and we will celebrate together the birth of our savior. Wouldn't it be loverly?


Della Hill said...

Aren't grandkids awesome?
I happen to think grandparents are pretty great too.
My life has been molded greatly by the influence of my grandparents.
Congrats on your growing family.

Pikes Pickles said...

Hooray- be sure and give us the news when she arrives. Sorry I missed your call.
Between you and ALly posting pictures - I am getting embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new grandchild when you get it.
Nothing like a new baby. wish they didn't grow up so fast.
Chuck's daughter just had a 10lb 4 oz. baby boy, named him Thomas after his Dad. He is half grown already!