Thursday, August 7, 2008

Road Trips and Mema's Advice

So, now I am getting nervous about this trip across the US. I have been on the side lines before and there is always the suspense of:
1. Did they get to the destination in one piece?
2. What might have been left behind, that they may have to back track for.
3. When will I hear from them or who can I call to find out where they are?
4.-20. Do they have all the emergency equipment they need like blankets, water, chocolate bars, flares, spare tire that's not flat, cell phone and quarters for a pay phone in case there's no bars, clean spare holes please, did I mention cell phone to call mema? Mema's phone number and any other emergency numbers? Oh, and a membership to triple A plus for towing?
I get nervous when they are on the road. Too many times I have waited and found out later all the things that happened on the way home.
P.S. Really glad it's the car and not a motor home. I am sending all kinds of prayers that this trip will be without any mishaps and a smooth wonderful trip. Oh, and I forgot to mention to be sure the gas gage is working and a 5 gallon can of gas, just in case. Been there done that as in coming back from Cortland and Ally cried out "We're going to die out here and probably starve to death!" Even though we had a ton of groceries in the back of the van.
This is cool being able to say a lot more things than just a short comment on pikespickles, Bet, you're sorry now that you got me hooked..speaking of obsessions? Worrying about a daughter and grandaughter, Oh my, I could go on and on as I Am A WORRY WART and a capricorn. I worry about my kids and grand kids all the time even though I know it will turn out all right in the end, I hope!!


Pikes Pickles said...

Ally and I will be fine. We will arrive in VA in one piece provided we don't get into an argument along the way.LOL.
There won't be much room for gas cans and emergency kits. Have you seen Ally's closet and room. I am worried that there won't be much room for me. I have been told that I can bring 3 shirts, underwear changes, my purse and thats it.
We will blog the whole way as we have it figured out how we can blog from our cell. It will be awesome to bounce between the 2 sites to compare.

Anonymous said...

They will be just fine! Keep the faith!
You can call them on the cell phone.
Should be a nice mother-daughter trip.

memainny said...

Okay, I get the messages but, don't expect me not to be anxious.
I haven't seen Ally's bedroom lately and when I did I noticed her closet piled full and under the bed...well, I am surprised something didn't crawl out or jump out at me!! Love you Ally--just a typical teenagers room. Like daughter like mother and guess who, even now!! I am embarrased to admit that.

ally said...

as for my room mema, mom came in this morning and ambushed me. so were working on that... ugh.
but no worries! we will get there safe, i have FAITH in that! i love how you put choclate in with with flares, tires, and gas. haha.
love you mema.