Saturday, August 9, 2008


This is where I lived for about 15 years. Wanted to keep the place when Tom and I were married 8 years ago in May. We had it for a bed and breakfast where the patrons could fix their own breakfast at their leisure with all the fixins in the fridge or counter top. Eating in the dining area over looking the lake or on the deck was a favorite. Many people stayed and were so amazed at the beauty of the scenery and the peacefulness. Sorry to say, I have kept it heated but, now the cost of heating 2 places is killing us. We are retired and a limited income. But, I just wanted you to see some of our beautiful places of upstate NY and get to know a bit about me. also, my daughter MRS. P., Ally, Trey and Aaron lived here for a time.


small cap stocks said...

help me.

Pikes Pickles said...

So sad to see this. I hope that things work out the best way possible for you. I still hate to see it go though. The sunrise was always so beautiful over the lake and watching the snow fall out the windows was timeless.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Be right up there!
[Wish I could.] As you said it is cold in the winter, and I can't stand the cold anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'll take it!!
(I wish!)
It is lovely - and having a lake right next door is just an amazing thought.


I hate Utah