Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blog Block

You have heard of writers block, well I am in a blog block. I guess when you get to the point when you feel you have nothing to say but, feel compelled or driven to update the posts you do almost anything. Perhaps you have seen the beautiful flowers on pikespickles, well maybe she inherited from me!! Mr G. and I are both into flowers and gardening so here's a few pics to view our attempt at making pictures of our posies.
We also own a waterfalls. No, not the kind you plug in to an electric outlet a REAL waterfalls. It is a peaceful place that was once the scene of an old mill. The foundation of that is still there and you can see the area where the flume once was.


free online lotto said...
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Pikes Pickles said...

Ignore the above. I deleted 2 stupid advertisements that someone posted on your blog. Free online lotto and something else.

Now, on to my comment. I haven't seen the picture of how the waterfalls used to look. You would never know that all of that was there at one point. It is such a quiet serene place now. So what was the cave? Now I am curious. Blog about it and show it to the others...please, please, can my friends see?

memainny said...

Do not have photos of the cave. It was for Sidney water works if it is the one I think you are asking about. The one you could go in?

Anonymous said...

Iam getting real homesick for NY!!!
I want to go up there but we are trying to buy a house right now, wish me luck!
Love Nanna

memainny said...

I got one for sale right on the Lake. You might like it now but, 3 months from now, you might have a different opinion. It gets darn cold here sometimes.
Love you lots,Nana.

Anonymous said...

It never really gets very cold here, would love a house on the lake, but I guess I'd better stay here with my kids! But I do sometimes miss NY, like the fall of the year- beautiful!