Saturday, August 23, 2008

In Connecticut

In Connecticut visiting Liam and Mom and Dad. Grandpa is having a blast playing with Liam. I wil post photos on Monday. We will return on Sunday but need the time to rest up. Hope Stefany is okay way down south and Ally is settling in. I know how precious the moments can be and I miss them. I am enjoying the moments here though and appreciate the time spend with the little red head.


Pikes Pickles said...

We are here and all is well. I just haven't had time or thoughts to blog lately. There is so much to do before leaving her. Dang I am really going to missher. Give Allison, Dave and Liam a hug from us.

GHS said...

okay,will do. Baby sitting now while Dave and Alison go to the movies. Hurting. Did the jacuzi thing though. That felt good on my back.Miss you and wonder when you are flyng back.
Love, Mom