Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More flowers and falls

Well, now I am on a roll. I really wanted to include my Brockbank garden photo for my San Diego fans. Not as beautiful and certainly won't last as long. Another month and all will be gone to Mr. Frost. I also like to show off my old apple tree and Britney going down the falls. So, hang on folks, I will write more when I think of more to say.


Pikes Pickles said...

Mom -
Bryan and Megan will love to see these pictures. It will be fun for them to know that they were your inspiration. They are on vacation right now though.

The waterfalls are picture pretty as ever. Brittany is growing up so fast.

memainny said...

Even though she is 10 going on 23 she and Aaron and Liam got along very well together. I do not think Aaron will admit it though!! How do I put his last two photoshows on the blog? His last full day and leaving Albany. Thought it would be a good follow up to yours.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely front lawn!

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Seanna said...

Good for people to know.