Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving is coming...and since it is, I reflect on all things I am thankful for. That I can say my belief in God and Jesus as my savior. My wonderful husband and friend Tom. My children and grandchildren. My family and friends. My health and happiness. My country the United States. My home and the security from the cold, wind and rain it provides. My life in general. AND turkey on thanksgiving day with all the fixin's. So there you have it. Remember now all the things you are thankful for, not just on Thanksgiving but, everyday. A Happy Thanksgiving to all.


The family said...

Mom - that is a wonderful post. I'll have to work on mine now! Thanks for the inspiration.

Mema said...

Not a problem. I just did the historical society too. http:guilfordhistoricalsociety. you know the rest. I got to thinking about this from you, my child, as I think of all that we have shared and the many blessings of the grandchildren. Sometimes we look at the bad and forget the good. Your blog with the family photos was an inspiration to me.
Love always and thanks full for you.

Anonymous said...

Your're right, we should be thankful every day ! We should be glad to live in this beautiful world. I thought about spring with everything getting reborn, and fall with the beautiful trees.Winter seems cold and ugly, but beautiful with fresh falling snow.
We should be thankful for our service men, for keeping us safe.
Food and shelter,our families, freedom of religion, and speech.
The right for a good education,our health. Yes, I'am truly blessed!
I thank the Lord everyday.

Mema said...

You said more than I did. Wanna start a blog? It was beautiful. Thank you for the addition.

Anonymous said...


Mema said...

Okay girl. I'll be a fan and maybe the daughter too! You two seem to be my biggest and boo hoo only fans.
Love you lots. How 'bout Nana's Bananas as a Title for the Blog?

VeSantos said...
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Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you too :)