Saturday, November 1, 2008

Scared stiff at the Gray's

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Halloween at our house is a must, as you can see from the past in the last post. My husband takes it very seriously or should I say very Halloweenie!! He goes all out and I am all out by the time it is over and then the packing up begins. Today I am just plain tired. So, 50 plus kids hit the door between 6:30 and 8:30. One little boy who reminds me of the LDS commercial-the one who talks so fast about going for pancakes-came by himself and was not to awfully brave in doing so. He did get in the door with the strobe lights, devil flying up as the door opened, and the fog filling up the kitchen and said those 3 little words,,Trick or Treat in a shaky little voice. Then he started talking wildly fast and I didn't understand a word he said. As he left the door to the porch, I let out my witches cackle and I heard him exclaim as he hit the porch door "Don't do that, it freaks me out!" I understood that.

By quarter of 9, Tom and I turned out the lights and..then..and...well, get your mind back to Halloween......we went trick or treating!! For the first time since we have been married!! It's always been staying here to take care of those trick or treaters and in the past we have had an "after the candy handing out" an adult buffet dinner party. So, last night was our first. We only went to 3 houses, but what can I say..3 more than last year!! Please enjoy our smilebox video and forgive me if I give you the finger..a bloody one. I told a group of older teenagers this story; Setting the scene: In my witchie cackling voice I told them that I had a gift for them.

I had one of them lift the lid of the little box I was holding. As he did I said "I was cutting up my pumpkin for Halloween I cut my finger clean off." When he got a good look at the finger, I wiggled it! I told them then that when I got my Jack-o-lantern finally carved, it took one look at my bloody stump and it puked all over. As they left the front my witches voice.."Be good children and don't let just anybody give you the finger, like I just did!!" They laughed and laughed all the way off the porch. Until, Tom pulled up Charlie the Pumpkin Head's hand from inside and spoke through the outside speaker and said "Happy Halloween" in a spooky voice. Shrieks were heard from two teenage girls as they ran to the road. Tom had the last laugh. You can see the pukin pumpkin in the video and I spelled it wrong.

PS. We bought the pumpkins. We didn't raise them. They were a cross between a gourd and pumpkin and as hard as they were, we were lucky neither of us didn't cut something off!!


The family said...

Very funny. It sound like you guys had a great Halloween.
Love you!

Lishak said...

Wow...looks like you guys had a ton of fun! I love all the decorations and especially the pumpkins.