Thursday, July 31, 2008

Simon and Schooster

Publishers? Nah, they are our cat children. Since we raised 3 human girls, we wondered what it would be like to have boys, but now they are "its". Anyway, we adopted them from the SPCA last September. They were born sometime in July and now a year old. Two different personalities from the same litter. Someone told us they might be part mangcoon (sp). They are very large cats, especially Schooster. Schooster is a more dependant cat. love him when he wants. Simon is more lovable whenever and will go into a coma like sleep when you hold him. Schooster always has one ear out, in case someone might go to the kitchen. So, here is a Happy Birthday wish for our cats-live long and properous. They are strickly indoor cats, so maybe the live longer will prove out.


Pikes Pickles said...

I wondered how long it would take for the cats to show up on the blog....

Anonymous said...

Not long!

Anonymous said...

We get soooo attached to our pets!
Mine are "Teddy", "Sassy", and "Peanut" our Pet Shih Tzu's.
Mother, father and son.
Sassy is the mom and Teddy the Dad.
Sassy had a litter of 7 the first time. There will be no more!
Glad you are blogging, get to talk to you more.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are on my site. I know we don't even email as much any more. But, I still think about you and glad you are here. Good to hear about your manangerie. We won't have anymore but, the two and I hope they live ling but, if they live as long as our last cat they will outlive us. Stefany will inherit them!!