Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Liam Comes to Visit

I have created a photo show about our grandson Liams visit this weekend . It was a blast. The visit was from Saturday to Monday afternoon and we crammed as much as we could in those days. Liam is also expecting a baby sister in October. Then we will have 7, fun if they only lived closer. 


ally said...

I cant wait to come up for thanksgiving and be able see everyone! Liam will be so old and I will have a new baby cousin! Im so excited to be closer to you all!

Anonymous said...

YOU All!! Got a Sputhern accent already? We will look forward to your visits and God willing maybe we can make a trip down.
Love YOu,
and Thanks for visiting my site and commenting.

Anonymous said...

Seven grandchildren! You got me beat! I have four, all girls.
I want a boy!!
Gardens and lawn are beautiful!
Send you some pictures of mine soon.
Glad you are blogging!

KaraLyn said...

Nice slideshow. Love the gummy bear background. What a beautiful yard and trails. We think California is pretty, but we really live in a desert. I love the green huge lawn, and the big trees. What a fun family visit you had.
KaraLyn, (Stefany's friend)

memainny said...

Thanks Karalyn. Would love to have you come to NY and visit. When we tell folks we're from NY they always think NYC and we are over 4 hours away-3 without traffic on the thru ways. It is really in the sticks, so to speak.