Thursday, February 11, 2010

Long Time No New Post

Well for some strange reason I can't access my account on our regular computer so her I am on the laptop making progress.
I know I should have put this on the GHS site but alas I forgot where it was in my pics.
Anyway we just got a new printing of this one and also have a new cemetery book out. North Guilford Pioneer Cemetery has been in the works for about 4 years. It's finally done and ready for sale. What's next on our agenda? We have been working on Rockwell's Mills as in the GHS write up and our GHS Social is this Saturday with RR buff John Taibi who will talk about the Unadill Valley branch of the O&W.
There is so much history out there and not enough time to do it all. Not to mention genealogy of the folks who once lived here. The latest on that front was the Banners, Hattons, and Ensworths that has continued for months. It has been a blast and pictures of the ancestors to boot! I feel like a member of the family now and it has been so exciting to be with the 3 folks that have helped put all the families together.
So here we are setting out the winter just researching away and waiting for spring. When I see the crocus I'll be really happy.


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